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Story About Us

We are located in Friendsville, TN. I had owned a goat when I was a teen and missed having a goat and wanted to try out goat milk. I don’t remember what breed goat I had growing up but after doing my homework I just knew I wanted to go with Nigerian Dwarfs. They are small and easier to handle and as I have discovered their milk is delicious!

I also decided to go with an all registered herd so I can show my goats and breed for show. You often wonder when you get goats if raising and breeding them is still for you months down the road. All I can say is that I love my goats and can’t imagine life now without them. The hardest part about raising goats is selling them. Watching them leave the driveway is my least liked thing about having these cuties!

What about those BLUE EYES? I am breeding for blue eyes. No, not all blue eyes determine milk production, but looking into those stunning blue eyes……there is just something about it! My herd sire has produced 17 out of 20 blue eyed kids so far and this years kidding isn’t over yet. (((I do love my gold eyed and brown eyed does as well, they are super sweet.)))

Not all my kids are bottle babies, but you wouldn’t know the difference! We handle them every day. They all love to be up in our lap.

I hope you enjoy browsing the site. Check out the “FOR SALE” page and click the CONTACT tab if you are interested in any of our goats, would like to be on the waiting list or have other questions.

Once I get the site fully up to date, I will try to keep it updated regularly. Don’t forget to “LIKE” our Facebook page (like to your right)

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